Our team consists of several so called "Arbeitsgruppen" who all have their own tasks but work for one goal : that everything works effortlessly and easily.


AG Aktionen / Angebote 

This AG might be one of the most important : we plan events together with the AG Öffentlichkeitsarbeit and our godparenthoods are co-coordinated here. You can get an overview about what's up at the moment here (German).


AG Patenschaften (Godparenthoods)

This is the place where friendships start: to be able to cater for a specific demand a family or individual might have it is sometimes neccessary to have someone who can assist not only when it comes to regulations but also with socialising.


AG Öffentlichkeitsarbeit (Public Relations)

This website already acts as an example of their work. If you encounter something about us in the press usually it is them who did it. Their work ranges between official statements and events.